West Sonoma County Lavender

Lavender is a potent, yet skin friendly “miracle” in a bottle.

For thousands of years, lavender plants have been distilled and their periwinkle magic preserved, sending our lavender dreams humming with the bee’s and the breeze. This angustifolia ssp. is about 20 years old, grown on a private, non-certified, organic farm in Forestville California. We are grateful for farmer Barbra and Doug and their fine community for stewarding this field of Lavender and for their contributions to our herbal community. This lavender is batch distilled and hand harvested with a sickle, with the bee’s serenading our efforts.

Lavender is known to be cooling, soothing, balancing to the body/ mind, anti-microbial, & anti-inflammatory.  Lavender helps calm and harmonize the nervous system. It can help you sleep and promote tissue repair. Its aroma can help make you happy and get rid of cooties/germs at the same time. Enjoy!